Voting Machine Using 89c51

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LCD based Voting Machine

Abhishek D. Bhendale(301007)
Akshay R. Bhosle(301008)
Prateek Vijay Chaudhari(301013)


Electronic Voting Machines ("EVM") are being used in Indian General and State Elections to implement electronic voting in part from 1999 elections and in total since 2004 elections. The EVMs reduce the time in both casting a vote and declaring the results compared to the old paper ballot system. Here we present a LCD based voting machine circuit. This cost efficient and reliable circuit can be used at lower scale where number of candidates are four. It can used in places like schools, colleges or offices. The circuit uses AT89C51microcontroller and 16*2 LCD display. A user can get his/her vote register through a set of switches (one for each candidate) After every cast of vote, the subsequent count can be seen on LCD.

Table of Contents

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1.| Introduction| 4|
2.| Circuit Description * Selection of Display Device and Microcontroller * Introduction to 89C51 * Pin Configuration of 89C51 * Introduction to LCD display (16*2)| 56789| 3.| Code| 11|

4.| Observations| 22|
5.| Layout| 25|
6.| Applications| 26|
7.| Conclusion| 27|
8.| References| 27|


Electronic voting machine has now replaced the traditional mechanism of voting due to several advantages like security, automatic counting etc. This project presents a way to develop an electronic voting machine which displays the count of votes on a 16x2 LCD interface. A user can get his/her vote register through a set of switches (one for each candidate). After every cast of vote, the subsequent count can be seen on LCD. The circuit uses AT89C51microcontroller and the code for the project has been written in C language.

The voting is started by pressing the Init switch after which the user is prompted to vote. The count of votes is stored in four different variables. As soon as the user votes for a candidate by pressing one of the switches, the value of the corresponding variable is increased by one. After this a Thank you message is displayed on LCD to acknowledge the registration of user’s vote.  

The message stays on the screen until the next user either presses the Init button to cast another vote or Stop switch is pressed get the poll results. When the stop button is pressed, the names of the candidates are displayed along with their vote counts. After some delay, the result is displayed which could be either declaration of the winner candidate or the candidates with a clash of their number of votes.

Circuit Description

Figure 1: Circuit Diagram

This LCD based electronic voting machine is designed for four candidates. The input part consists of a set of six tactile switches. The switches and 16x2 LCD are interfaced to microcontroller AT89C51 for various operations and displays.

Selection of Display Device & Microcontroller:
Most projects that you create with the 8051 CPU require some form of display. The most common way to accomplish this is with the use of an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Displays allow a better user interface, with text messages to enter the instructions and get the response in the form of text and know in better manner what the machine is doing, including its diagnostic information. This also helps in fault-findings and debugging. The main advantage of LCD displays is their low power consumption and the speed with which the displayed information is updated. It must be justified however when somebody goes for LCD’s over LED display, LED’s consume more power but they are better when the intensity of display is important. For example, just to display some temperature value on a digital thermometer, LED may be a choice if no power limitations are there. However,...
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