Voter Participation in the 1800s

Topics: Martin Van Buren, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: November 26, 2012
14 November 2012
The 1800s were a time of tremendous change that contained many valuable occurrences. While being well adjusted to the new world the building blocks of America were still in the process of being made. Many controversies and commands were made which made elections a bit more complicated. The participation in political campaigns and elections in the United States changed between 1815 and 1840 through economic, political, and social factors that corresponds to historical events that made the differences that created the change.

The conflicts that are occurring during the time of voting have a very large affect on the election. They show what the president needs to improve and how they are going to act to do so. In the 1820s it was the start of the idea of the American System, which includes promoting industry though tariffs, building road, canals, etc, and internal improvements to market agriculture. The democrats at the time opposed the system and the republicans were all for it. “We are fast becoming a great nation, with great commerce, manufactures, population, wealth, luxuries, and with the vices and miseries that they engender.” (Doc. B). This was the start of the market revolution, where everything changes from underdevelopment to a future run on technology. Immigration was a problem because it was replacing American workers with cheaper foreign workers. They didn’t have any solutions, as it was just beginning, so that would be something the president would have to work on and use in their campaign.

Being the highest executive officer of a modern republic, the president is a imperative position full of demand. Andrew Jackson boosted his reputation and helped prop him to the while house through the Battle Of New Orleans. That is a fine example of how historical events can boost your eligibility for votes. Through the Era of Good Feelings, it kept Monroe and the Republican party well known. Jackson was also in office for...
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