Volvick History

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Volvik began the research and development of golf ball technology in Korea more than three decades ago and has earned status as one of the leaders in performance golf ball manufacturing. Having a focus on quality and innovation in its unique golf ball styling, Volvik has produced more than 1 million golf balls every year and continues to expand all over the world.

The company is dedicated to the production of specialized 3 and 4 piece multi-layer solid golf balls that feature patented dimple technology for optimal performance that satisfies the needs of golfers at every skill level. In just over 30 years of golf ball production, Volvik has developed a reputation based on perfect quality control and innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world.

In addition to its partnership with LPGA, Volvik sponsor many events from Girls Golf, Front Row Experience, and LPGA's future's tour, Symetra Tour. Also Volvik has marketing deals with thirteen LPGA tour players - Jin Young Pak, Meena Lee, Jeong Jang (JJ), Jee Young Lee, Allison Duncan, Chella Choi, KyeongBae, Laura Diaz, Christine Song, Ilhee Lee, Min SeoKwak, MiHyang Lee, YooKyeong Kim and Birdie Kim. No. 1 Market Share in Korea Since 1999

No. 1 Golf Ball Exporter in Korea Since 1995
No. 3 Market Share on Japan Since 1994
27 Patents in Korea
LPGA Official Sponsorship Since 2011
Asian Tour Title Sponsor Since 2012
2010.12        Designated as Excellent Sports Instrument manufacturing company (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism)
2010.10        Main Sponsor of KMAGF President Cup Championship Sponsor Contract with KESGA SeRi-Pak Cup Elementary School Open 2010.05        `VISTA is` Launch a New Product Volvik Hosted `Volvik & Lyle and Scott Open` 2010.07        `VISTA iv` Awarded Best Product by Kyeong In Daily News Paper 2010.06        Make Contract `10 Millon Dollar Export` 2010.03        Declare New Corporate...
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