Volvariella Volvacea Production

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The growing awareness of the nutritive value of mushroom as well as the adoption of more mushroom dishes in restaurant menus has greatly increased the demand of fresh mushrooms. However, some places within the city lack access to this nutrition. In lieu to this, this business proposal has been made. Moreover the proposal aims to supply fresh, nutritious mushrooms to an area which was underprivileged from convenience. Specifically, Mintal, Davao City. This proposal is a family venture. Thus, a capital of 25 000 pesos will be borrowed from relatives. Located at an area beside Elenita Heights Subdivision, Catalunan Grande, this project is expected to provide convenience in access to mushroom in the Mintal area. Most inputs are available around the corner; nonetheless some inputs will be purchased from reliable sources. The project will be managed by the owner with the help of a trusted expert in mushroom culture and of course, with the active involvement of the family members. Additional laborers will be hired to help in the overall production. 1. Size of Production300 square meters

2. Marketing Size2-3 inches
3. Raising Period5 months
4. Projected Selling Price60.00php per kilogram
5. Projected Gross Revenue54 000.00 php
6. Estimated Cost of Production19 865.00 php
7. Projected Net Income34 135.00 php
8. Projected Return of Investment172%
9. Projected Benefit Cost Ratio37%


Mushroom has started to gain popularity these past few years. Often grouped with vegetables, mushrooms provide many of the nutritional attributes more commonly found in meat, beans or grains. Mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free and very low in sodium, yet they provide several nutrients, including riboflavin, niacin and selenium, which are typically found in animal foods or grains. Unfortunately, mushroom is not quite available to most places. An example of this is Mintal area, where consumers would have to go to Bankerohan in order to buy fresh mushroom. Thus, the need of supply has grown over the years. Especially when people has started to learn just how nutritious mushroom could get. It would be highly beneficial to consumers that they have access to fresh mushroom. Mushrooms provide our bodies with the nutrients, proteins, minerals, and vitamins it needs to generate energy and repair cells. They are one of the most remarkable elements for a healthy immune system. They have been used to cure or improve eyesight, hearing, circulation, impotency, stop migraine headaches, tumors, influenza, and even cancer. Thus, this project would not only give convenience to consumers but also health benefits.

To culture Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) for generating income. SPECIFIC
* To promote health benefits in eating mushrooms ( Volvariella Volvacea). * To gain profit.
* To provide convenience to consumers especially those within the area of production. * To provide jobs and possibly, financial assistance to people.

1. Select the site where Volvariella volvacea will be cultured. 2. Raise capital.
3. Select the place where the harvested mushroom will be supplied. 4. Employ employees.
5. Orient employees on the routine that will be done on the business. 6. Give each employee a task to work on.
7. Buy or collect all the raw materials.
8. Start the production.
9. During the production, follow the generally accepted rules and procedures in culturing Volvariella volvacea. 10. Send and sell the harvested Volvariella volvacea to the market immediately to provide consumers quality. 11. Keep accurate records.



* Owner
Checks the update and initiates improvements on the business. Approves necessary decisions.
* Manager
Supervises and helps on the overall production.
Ensure that...
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