Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Skill Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: March 15, 2013
1. Please cite and explain your specific contributions to the advancement of your organization/team. As a volunteer for the organization, I along with other volunteers have contributed our efforts and ideas to the advancement of the organization. I have organized many events in order to raise fund to buy equipments and necessities for orphan children. Not only do we support them with materials, we also provide them with education which is the most valuable thing in a child's life. Along with learning new things, the children have the opportunities to play games that help them further apply the knowledge they have just learned in real life situation. Besides, I was able to motivate and inspire other members in order to achieve goals. I am proud of what my friends and I did for the children and it's a way for us to give back to the society and the unfortunate ones. 2. How did you incorporate the Benildean-Lasallian values in your life as a leader, journalist, artist. athlete, or volunteer? Volunteering is a brilliant way to get not only life experience but also life values. The Benildean-Lasallian values serves as my guideline during my volunteer job. As a volunteer, I have a strong sense of faith, I always believed that the orphan children, who suffer from lack of parental love, will have their good lives in one day, and we will help them achieve their dreams. Benildean-Lasallian values strongly emphasize social responsibility, as a Benildean student, I realized my responsibility that day by day I try to fulfill. Indeed, the Benildean-Lasallian values are very important to me in my life as a volunteer. 3. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a Benildean-Lasallian leader, journalist, artist athlete, or volunteer? As a Benildean-Lasallian volunteer, I believe that my strength is my flexibility to handle changes. I am a quick learner and love to learn new things. Besides, I have good analytical and planning skills which have always benefited me and my team to...
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