Volunteering Literature Review Sum Up

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Volunteering, 1920 Pages: 3 (509 words) Published: March 24, 2013


Commitment of volunteers is essential for the successful management and delivery of community-based sport (Cuskelly, 2004; Cuskelly, McIntyre & Boag, Green& Chalip 1998). * key to an organisation’s success in recruiting and retaining its volunteers is to have an understanding of its target group (Helen Bussell and Deborah Forbes, 2001) In the United Kingdom sport was one of the most common sectors of volunteering (Institute of Volunteering Research, 2008)


* What is volunteering
Freely chosen activity that volunteers find attractive and is not engaged in for the primary purpose of financial gain or done by coercion or mandate (e.g., Stebbins, 1996)

* What is a volunteer

* The greater the net costs to the volunteer the more the person is a real volunteer (Cnaan, R. A., Handy, F. And Wadsworth, M.,1996) * Contributes time to helping others with no expectation of remuneration * Diverse interests and abilities willing to give their free time to help others. * Selfish exercise (Flick et al.2002)

* Employees and volunteers
* Volunteers do not receive financial remuneration
* Paid work is ‘the prime source of status’ (Commission on Public Policy and British Business, 1997: 29) and volunteering is primarily a means of developing employability * obligation involved in volunteering can be seen as flexible’ (Rochester et al., 2010: 21)

* Volunteer profiles.
* Episodic volunteers
* Helping during a limited time period (Green & Chalip, 1998). * Emotional expectations are likely to influence new volunteers (Omoto and Snyder 1995). * Committed volunteers

* Commitment with competence Meyer et al [1989]
* More likely to remain with their organization when they express strong attachment and identification with the organisation (Mesch, Tschirhart, Perry, & Lee, 1998;...
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