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My experience as a volunteer with Dream A Dream foundation has been immensely enriching and fulfilling. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint as a volunteer at the Dream Connect center, a subsidiary of Dream A Dream foundation. Dream A Dream is a social entrepreneurial venture that works towards social change. I was to provide support as a facilitator and mentor to children in the age bracket of 15-18 years. Initially I was a little skeptical about my teaching abilities and wondered how far I could really help those vulnerable kids. But all my inhibitions dissipated after my first encounter with those kids. I looked forward to spending time with them. Many of the youngsters I’ve interacted with are very ambitious and are eager to work towards their goals. It is their environment that has to some extent dampened their ambitions. Support programs like those offered by Dream A Dream has made such a huge impact on their lives. There are so many lessons to learn from these kids, the most important of which is to be happy in all circumstances, no matter what life throws at you. There were days when I felt absolutely frustrated with life and after spending time with those kids I realized just how lucky I was. Though they have so little, their eagerness to learn has been a real inspiration to me. I have learnt the true meaning behind words like ‘gratitude’, ‘humility’ and ‘happiness’. It is at Dream Connect that I truly understood the meaning behind the “joy of giving”.
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