Volunteer Work

Topics: Community service, Books, Civil society Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 7, 2012
The Dekalb County Library was a great place for me to do volunteer work. I was able to read and work with pre-school age children and their parents. The library recognizes that a child’s most important teacher is his/her parents. The library offers family materials such as children literature and activities developed just for the community’s youngest members. Storytime and other pre-school activities help to increase the literacy skills of young children through parent interaction and play. The parents and children are able to discover the joy of reading and learning together. Some of the things I did when reading to the children were to allow them to make predictions about the book cover, explain the difference between the author and the illustrator, demonstrate the correct way to read a book, and to ask questions if they wanted to know about something in the book. Although the children I read to are not in school yet, the parents and caregivers are teaching them that reading is very important. The library helps to develop a sense of caring for the community. My goals were achieved because I was able to help others. I was able to read to children and help them to make connections with the book. The children were able to show their comprehension level by creating characters from the reading, singing songs and dramatic play. The library staff was able to benefit from me being there because the staff had more time to spend with other patrons. I was able to help the library staff by re-shelving books, watering the plants, assisting patrons with computers and helping to find books. When I was told by the library how much that appreciated my help, I knew I had met all of my goals. I learned so much from volunteering. I learned that the library offers so many great programs and activities free of charge. I know that a little goes a long way, so helping out even a little will make a difference. The library set goals and put together policies to address...
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