Volunteer Military Service

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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Volunteer Military Service

The United States military is by far the most advance in the world. Our country is filled with passion and patriotic citizens who would give their lives for this country. The United States also has one of the largest militaries in the world with the highest trained soldiers on this planet. The United States military has a variety of special forces soldiers who are send out on top missions and operations around the world. The American soldiers are one of the most appreciated people in the United States today because of the recent wars with Afghanistan and Iraq. What stands out the most with the American soldiers in this country is the willingness to volunteer for this country. Volunteering means to freely offer to do something, which the soldiers in the United States are doing today. The United States military has many enlistees everyday ranging from men and women for every branch of service. The United States military today is over manned in every branch of service along with a bad economy in this country. Also, many people today are trying to join because of unemployment and the military provides a salary for people who have no income. The United States government should continue to use its volunteer military service because of the over manning numbers of enlistees today. The United States government should also explore more with volunteering especially with female soldiers that are part of the military who wish to volunteer for training in combat related jobs in the military. Women should also be able to register to the Selective Service if they wish to do so. This will make the United States military more diverse and will allow more opportunities for women.

The United States government has done a great job implicating the all volunteer military service since the end of the draft in 1973 after the Vietnam War. The citizens of America have set aside their own personal lives to volunteer and fight for their country. People of...
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