Volunteer Experience

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For my volunteering assignment I decided to go to the wildlife rehabilitation area,

100 Acre Wood. I arrived there on the fourth of December and met Linda Christian. She

is basically the owner and founder of the non-profit corporation. I wanted to help out at a

wildlife rehabilitation because I wanted to see a different side of the community. Wildlife

is usually not seen, even in a place such as Brooksville. I also wanted to understand why

somebody would put in so much hard work and money for something that is neglected on

a daily basis. When I first arrived at the wildlife rehab area, I noticed Linda’s house to the

left and a wooden area to the right. She was carrying a large cart full of vegetables and

fruits. After greeting her she introduced us to the place and the different exhibits. Most of

the birds were in large metal cages that she had next to her house. The most obvious

animals were the deer, and they were enclosed within a fenced patch of land. There were

two lots, and I had to feed both groups. Linda had about four to five boxes for me and

another volunteer. We had to toss the produce over the high fences in order to feed the

deer. At times I was afraid of accidentally hitting some of them because they were

huddled in a close group waiting for each new melon, tomato, lettuce, or any other

vegetable. Linda told us that sometimes they don’t even get fed because the food goes to

more delicate animals. Apparently they got lucky that day since I ended up feeding them

two boxes of produce. One particular deer was missing a leg while others had large lumps

in their mouths. Shortly after feeding the deer, we walked through narrow paths that

winded around the different animal exhibits. The supervisor showed us the otter, which

we had not seen before. His name is Mij and he lives in a spacious cage filled with

objects for him to interact with. He even has another smaller cage...
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