Voltas Limited-Organisational Strategy, Hr Plan, Hr Strategy, Vision, Mission and Values

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The Voltas story demonstrates that an ambitious goal and vision can drive both internal transformation and business growth. Thirteen years ago, Voltas was on the verge of shutting down that is when voltas fornulated a brand new vision plan named "MEGAVOL". Megavol — a business plan that aimed to achieve Rs100,000 million turnover with 10 per cent profitability by 2010-11. “Ourplan involved pursuing both organic and inorganic growth,” says managing director Ashok Soni, the man who took over the wheel in 2001 and has steered the organisation to its present course.The Megavol plan has brought about several dramatic changes in Voltas, and these have mainly been the reason for both Voltas’s growth spurt and its relative insulation from the recession.

Voltas is determined to strengthen our position in exiting geographical locations and focus to rapidly expand our business into selected new overseas markets in the field of Electrical and Mechanical and related projects by offering high quality, cost effective project management and engineering services to meet the requirements of our valuable customer. Their mission also includes:

·Minimizing wasteful energy consumption in their branded products ·Forming representations and alliances with global technology leaders who also follow a Green path ·Offering and encouraging the use of technologies that purify the air, lower energy costs, and purify polluted water and industrial/urban effluents. ·Following the most stringent practices of eco-friendliness, sustainability and safety in their manufacturing operations.

Integrity: Formal adoption of tata code of conduct
Understanding: Employee welfare, Equal Opportunity Employer, Affirmative action Volunteering. Excellence: Adoption of Tata...
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