Voltaire Interview

Topics: Candide, Voltaire, Poverty Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Michael Wright
Mid Term English 2333
Voltaire Interview

What were your views on organized Religion and its Ethics and its leaders in and throughout Candide? I satirized Religion multiple times throughout this story. I did this by using a series of corrupt and hypocritical characters. One was the Pope who had daughters even though as a Priest should have been Celibate. Another was the hypocritical Catholic inquisitor who kept a Mistress. The Franciscan friar who had taken vows of living in poverty by the Fanciscan order, was also a jewel thief which was breaking his vows. I wanted to show the corrupt and evil side to religion and its so called “noble leaders.” Was These examples an attack on Every organized religion or just to bring the injustices to light? It was more of an eye opener those examples to bring up what really does go on in organized religion than an attack on those who believe in religion. For example, one of if not the most humane characters was Jacques who was part of a Protestant sect called the anabaptist. In what ways did you bring about the dangers and corruption money can bring about? Candide received his fortune in El Dorado in hopes that it would bring about a better life. Readers might of thought that some of his worries were over, but on the other hand more money does equal more problems. I showed Candide as a poor and wealthy man and how he was more misrable with the wealth. Although wealthy, Pococurante's wealth drove him into such boredom that he was unable to appreciate Art. These were merely representations of what it means to not only be rich with money, but how little money has to do with true “wealth,” and while money does solve problems but also creates them. What was the meaning behind all of the rape and sexual exploitation of the three main women Characters? I wrote of these rapes and sexual encounters out of sheer want to expose the dangers and toil that is most exclusively aimed at women. It is a very real...
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