Volleyball and the Body

Topics: Rotator cuff, Shoulder, Rotator cuff tear Pages: 4 (1666 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Volleyball and the Body
When I was in middle school, I had decided to play volleyball for some good exercise. I thought how hard it could be to hit a ball back and forth and not let it hit your team’s side of the floor. I liked being part of a team and knowing that I was staying healthy. I enjoyed learning proper techniques because playing volleyball required it. Playing the sport definitely built up my upper arm and leg muscle and helped me make friends and communicate better as a team. I had gained better eye and hand coordination when playing this sport and it was a just a great overall workout. I was taller than most of my teammates so my coach liked to put me on the net as middle blocker but my favorite position was the outside hitter and I always looked forward to serving. I loved the power I could put into hitting the ball and the relief of getting it over. In volleyball an individual uses all bones in some way and many muscles like the deltoid, triceps, quadriceps, and hamstrings. We also use body systems to benefit the performance like the circulatory system to keep the blood pumping and the muscular system to control their bodies. Other systems would be the respiratory system which helps the breathing process and the nervous system which helps with coordination, something I was lacking When I played volleyball the position or play I felt I used the most muscle and bones would be while serving. There is a lot of movement that goes into serving such as abduction, adduction, flexion, extension, and circumduction. When doing these movements an individual is working on their deltoids, trapezius, triceps, biceps, hamstring, quadriceps, wrist flexors and extensors. While participating in this sport one uses their circulatory system and “the heart is the pump of the circulatory system… [it] delivers blood to the cells and tissues and the vein receives it back… [and] pumps to the lung where the blood is oxygenated and receives blood back from the lungs after...
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