Volcano (Movie)

Topics: Water, Volcano, Volcanic gas Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: February 5, 2011
The movie “Volcano” was about an active volcano forming into the city of Los Angeles, California.

The evaporating of harmful gases, earthquakes, and some evidences from the manhole are the manifestations showed that an underground volcano was forming under the city. This means that there was already lava under the city and the ground cannot take the pressure anymore so it formed a volcano.

The physical changes in the movie are the breaking of glasses from buildings, breaking of buildings, cracking of the ground, boiling of water from the pond, injured people, the melting of metal, and the falling down of some properties. The chemical changes are the burning of trees and people, formation of the volcano and its eruption, the ashfall, and the lava turning to rocks when mixed with water.

These changes are driven by some factors in the environment such as the formation of gases underground, and the eruption of the volcano.

The eruption affected the place by destroying buildings and properties, injuring people, loss of lives, and the panicking and crying of the citizens.

I learned that we should always be alert, caring, trustworthy, and we should have teamwork and cooperation. We should be alert so that when disasters like this happen to our community, we’ll know what to do and we can evacuate safely. We should be trustworthy so that other people will believe us and we should trust one another. We should be caring and concerned to each other and other people. In disasters like this, we can do small heroic acts which can save lives of millions of people that means very big to them. We should do heroic acts not because we want to be recognized but because it came from our heart. Last but not the least, we should have teamwork and cooperation so that problems can be solved quickly and we can aim for success.
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