Voip Implementation

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VoIP Project
Curtis Harris
Reddy Urimindi


Project Plan4
Project Dependencies6
System Constraints8
Risk Assessment9
The Network9
Personnel Training11
Project Closure12

This project plan represents a general collection of processes and procedures covering the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution for a fictitious customer. The purpose of this document is to define a VoIP project plan proposal to provide a customer with a comprehensive plan outlining the details, stakeholders, and time-frames for the defined project scope. I have developed the project plan in conjunction with the customer to identify implementation objectives and priorities. The project plan includes Project Scope, VoIP Implementation Plan, Dependencies, Risk Assessment and Management, VoIP Training, Communication Overview, and Project Closeout. Overview

This document describes the project plan for the installation of a VoIP telephone solution and subsequent migration of the existing Centranet (Centrex) users to the new VoIP platform. Centranet is the brand name for Verizon centrex service. The new system will replace the existing Centranet and become the voice network enterprise-wide. This new system will greatly reduce all voice network costs currently incurred by the customer, associated with voice service. This includes, but not limited to, toll calling, domestic long distance, and international calls. The greatest benefit the customer sees is the four-digit dialing plan capability that will include extensions for people who tele-commute (work from home). The first phases of the project will target Centranet users in a select department, as this is where the first trial can take place and help establish metrics for the system as a whole. Migration from existing Centranet system will happen as departments determine their existing equipment needs upgrades or replacements; although, it is difficult to predict the exact rate of deployment. Project Plan

The project plan is a working document to be updated throughout the course of the project. Customer personnel should review this document to ensure the design meets their time and technical requirements. Changes captured throughout the project life cycle will be incorporated into the plan. Changes to the plan and or schedules must be reviewed and agreed to by the vendor and the customer. I have developed a project plan in conjunction with the customer to identify implementation objectives and priorities. This plan includes the following sections: Project Scope, Roles and Responsibilities, VoIP Implementation Plan, Change Management, Risk Management, VoIP Training, Communication Overview, Trouble Reporting Procedures and Project Closeout. The first step we took in determining if VoIP is right for our customer is to understand what potential benefits a converged network provides and factor them into ROI calculations. The benefits include reduced toll charges (long distance calls), conference bridges, and capital and operational savings from utilizing shared resources for multiple sites additionally reducing administration tasks. While cost savings are still key drivers in VoIP deployment, other benefits are becoming equally as compelling, such as employee productivity, employee retention, and office real estate savings. I anticipate the deployment project will have a life cycle of about six years, as that is the estimated accounting life of this type of equipment (Bandwidth). The first step to optimizing a network for VoIP traffic is the ability to understand and identify traffic running on the network. Once applications are identified, policies can be implemented to control application parameters and enable better alignment between business-critical applications, reduce unwanted recreational traffic, and allocate sufficient bandwidth to VoIP calls to reduce latency, jitter, and delay (Ganguly)....
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