Voies of Silence by Bel Mooney Book Discussion

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Voices of Silence by Bel Mooney

Discussion Questions:

Who do you think Daniel Ghiban is? Refer to the book!

During the discussion of this question please answer these questions as well:

-Why did Flora tell him all his secrets and why do you think he is actively asking her to do that, forcing her to do so? - Could he be someone from the investigative police, which everyone feared? -Why does he have such descent food, clothes and school supplies? - Do you think he would tell everyone if his mom really worked for an English Ambassador, do you think someone else supplied him with these bourgeoisie attributes, the government perhaps? - Why do you think he shows such sympathy to Flora?

Discussion Notes:

Who did you think the person in Flora’s flat was? Refer to the book!

During the discussion of this question please answer these questions as well:

-Could he also be one of the people from the investigative police? -Do you think that he could be one of the people that was talking to Alys in school and the one that arrested the monster and her classmate? -Why do you think that Alys was talking to them?

-Do you think Alys is involved in helping the investigative police? -Why do you think these people are in the apartment of Alys? -Why is she so scared when they are there?

Comprehension Questions:

What forced Flora’s father to think about the escape from Romania? Refer to the book!

Why is the relationship of Alys and Flora so complicated? How many conflicts do they go through and what kind? Why do they go through so many conflicts?

English 8- Mr. Winn
Novel Studies
Group- Louisa Hylkema, Ashley Norton, Josephine Nittel, Marie Liesenborgs, Kemal Sultanov

Voices of Silence by Bel Mooney

Summary of Chapter One

The story’s protagonist Flora lives in the socialist Republic of Romania under the control of Nicolae Ceausescu, the communist leader. Flora has a friend named Alys with whom she walks to school with every day. In her school there is a new student enrolled, his name is Daniel Ghiban, who has all fancy things Flora could of ever dreamed of. He has things like a fancy sharpener, sharp pencils and a slice of meat on his sandwich. Daniel and Flora meet in the hallway of the school as Flora’s bag falls to the floor and Daniel is the only one to help. Daniel offers Flora to sharpen her pencil with his fancy sharpener at all times. Flora has a incidental conflict with Alys which is then fixed. This chapter discusses the awful life of Flora’s family where they worry about getting food and surviving.

Summary of Chapter Two

In the early morning, Flora’s father is visited by an awkward strange. Her father tells her off because she wants to engage in the conversation and she is absolutely cross with him. Daniel Ghiban is confronted with the fact that he has very descent food and he convinces that his mother works for the British Ambassador and he and his wife give her goods and treats as a symbolic act of charity. He also states that his father works in the hospital having a minor job there. Daniel and Flora walk from school together and Alys is walking with them. Flora and Alys get into a quarrel and Alys runs away. Daniel tells Flora not to trust Alys. Then Flora has her birthday, she gets a scarf and a nice breakfast with cheese and salami. They, as a family go to the new palace of Ceausescu.

Summary of Chapter Three

On the Sunday morning after Flora’s birthday they are visited by Daniel Ghiban who gives Flora M&M’s as a gift for her birthday. Flora treats the M&M’s very carefully and eats then only one by one and places them in the drawer with her scarf. Flora’s father is opposed to people coming to her flat and giving her M&M’s and Flora and her father get into a quarrel with each other and Flora goes into her room and locks herself there think about her life.

Summary of Chapter Four

The Berlin wall comes down and...
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