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1. Service Description of Beeline’s VoiceMail
1. General Description

Sometimes, hearing voice could be more convenient than reading text. Voice mail service helps you to listen to the recorded voice messages left by the caller who was calling you while you were not available in any of the following conditions:

▪ busy
▪ unable to pick up the call for certain duration
▪ out of coverage area or phone was switched off

So, once you have Voice Mail service and you won’t miss a single call, even if your mobile phone is turned off or is out of the coverage area.

2. Features of VoiceMail

Beeline’s VoiceMail service provides the following features:

▪ Listen to any message in your Voice Mailbox and you can save or delete it ▪ SMS Notification with sender’s identification and sending date and time ▪ Common access (ability to check mail box from any number if you know your password)

3. Limitation and conditions:

| VoiceMail Type |Premium Voice Mail Khmer | |Limitation | | |Max. number of messages in Mailbox |10 messages | |Max. Length of recording 1 message |60 seconds | |Max. life period of un-played message |7 days | |Max. life period of played message |7 days |

▪ If you listened but did not save the message, after the VoiceMail is switched off the message will be deleted automatically

4. Activation of VoiceMail Service

Voice Mail Service is automatically activated for subscribers when the call is unreachable. Therefore, subscribers do not need to activate the service by themselves.

After Voice Mail service is activated, the system already set call divert to voicemail number for 2 conditions (Busy and Unreachable). If you want to manage your divert, please refer to the below section.

5. Registration of Call Divert to VoiceMail Number (090261556)

▪ Divert if your phone is turned off or out of the coverage area:


▪ Divert if your phone is busy talking with another person:

▪ Divert all calls:

▪ Divert if you don’t answer the call for a certain seconds :

[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]090261556[pic][Time Period][pic][pic].  
In case you activate call divert if you don’t answer the call, you can indicate time period: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds. If don’t indicate time period, 30 seconds will be set automatically

6. Deactivation of VoiceMail

▪ To deactivate the Voice Mail service, subscribers just deactivate their call forward to voice mail number (090261556) then the service is no longer working.

To Deactivation of Call Divert [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic].

7. Subscriber Access Number 2626

By dialing 2626, subscribers can:
▪ Play, delete, save their voice messages (new & played) ▪ Listen the number of caller
▪ Change password of their mailbox account
▪ Change language of their mailbox

8. Common Access Number 090261556

When you are out of reach your personal phone (run out of battery, no coverage area so on), you still can access to your Voice Mailbox by using phone of someone else.

▪ Dial 090261556[pic] from any number, even...
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