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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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(former Stop in the Name of Love!) Written by: Denny R. HaveYouSeenThisGirl

Property of http://haveyouseenthisgirl.yolasite.com

CREDITS Word Copy Compiled by: Purpleyhan of Wattpad

Written year 2011.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi! I'm Denny, the epal author of this story. XD Umm... enjoy reading the story kahit sho-shonga shongang katulad ko. XD

sa offline readers, sana magkatime po kayong magleave ng comments pagkatapos niyong mabasa ang story. Pede po kayong magpost sa website ko o kaya naman sa facebook page ko: https://www.facebook.com/haveyouseenthisgirlstories

I accept any comments from you guys kahit constructive criticisms. That'll be a good help for me to improve.

Kung may problems po sa copy na ito, please report it to me sa e-mail ko: ballpennidenny@gmail.com or sa haveyouseenthisgirlstories@gmail.com

DO NOT COPY, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, DO NOT PRINT AND SELL, DO NOT BUY A DONUT. (pero joke lang yung sa donut XD) Ayun, shaddap na talaga ako para makabasa na kayo XD



It's so noisy... Can someone turn it off... Please stop making noises... Stop, listen to me please... With all the voices around me, even if I try speaking... I'll end up feeling so...


...can someone hear me?

-------Her name's Momoxhien Clarkson. She loves Syntax Error, her fave band. She meets 'em in a very embarrassing situation. She gets to work for them. She discovers a lot of things about her favorite band. Then suddenly her life gets complicated, from a fan turns to a friend and... also a lover.

But she discovers more... can she bear all of it?

Up to what point can she consider herself a fan?

"34x54362746328+34242/34242x34325643342423427663264725 equals," tinype ko lahat ng yun sa calculator ko and voila, "Syntax Error! Mwahahaha!"

Tuwang tuwa ako sa tuwing nilalaro ko ang calculator ko at "syntax error" ang result. If it's a math test at yun ang result ng calculator...
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