Voice Within

Topics: Singing, Human voice, Vocal range Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Selena Vargas
Engl 099
Judy Hansen

Voice Within

As I closed my eyes and parted my lips, the voice deep within came out and filled the auditorium. The tune brought water to people’s eyes while others were left not knowing what to think. I listened to the voice, made sure that it was in tune and wondered what surprises it would bring. I believe that singing isn’t just words sung with notes; it’s a way of expressing emotions from deep within. My passion for singing comes from my heart and soul.

As I stood waiting patiently for the buzzer to go off, I looked out in the crowd and a sick feeling came to my stomach. A full house, I had hoped that there wouldn’t be very many people so that way if I messed up fewer people would know. But no, that one night I decided to sing solo had to be a full house. One minute left and I could already feel people watching me. I didn’t dare to make eye contact with anyone, so I just closed my eyes and took deep breaths. I could already feel my body calm down and the sick feeling in my stomach slowly faded away.

I was startled by the buzzer, it was time. The players cleared the court and people began to rise. My body began to shake again and my palms were so sweaty that the microphone almost slipped out of my hands. As I slowly walked out to the middle of the court I felt everyone watching me. All you could hear were the sound of my footsteps. My heart was beating faster as I neared my destination. All that ran through my mind was “Ok, get to the center, put the microphone to your mouth, and don’t forget the words!”

I looked at the faces in the crowd, they were waiting. I took a couple of deep breaths and slowly brought the microphone to my mouth. I closed my eyes and the voice came out. When I opened my eyes again I saw shock in people’s faces as they watched me. Some blinked a couple of times, possibly to make sure that they weren’t dreaming. Then I noticed something. I wasn’t shaking anymore and my heart went...
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