Voice Maturity

Topics: Human voice, Phonation, Larynx Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Have you ever wondered why your voice matures when you get older? Well that’s because your vocal cords grow longer making you voice deeper. A male’s voice gets way deeper than a female’s voice though. A male’s larynx grows bigger during puberty making the voice deeper. For some people, if you sing, that means that your vocal range can increase easily. But if you don’t sing, it isn’t necessary for your vocal range to increase. As you grow older, your larynx hardens making your voice seem a little high pitched. But sometimes just regular puberty can make your voice a little high. You would think that your voice gets deeper and deeper as you get older but sometimes it’s the other way around.

1. 1 computer (with internet access)
2. Construction paper
3. 1 voice recorder
4. 2 people of the any gender but different age


Title: How does age affect vocal range?

Aim/Purpose: To determine whether or not age affects vocal range. Hypothesis: I think that age does affect vocal range. Also gender too. I also think that age determines your vocal range and how long your vocal cords are. Materials: 1 voice recorder, 2 people of any gender but different age, construction paper, and 1 computer (with internet access). Procedure: 1. Gather all materials.

2. Take the voice recorder and record the 2 people of any gender but different age.
3. Record notes on what happens in the video.
Observation: While recording I noticed that the older person’s voice sounds more mature than the younger person. Also that the older person catches more breath than the younger person to complete the task.

Conclusion: I’ve determined that age does affect vocal range. Also I learned that when you breathe, your vocal cords relax against the walls of the larynx and open to allow air to get in and out of your lungs. Also when you speak, your vocal cords close together by stretching across the larynx. Air from your lungs is then forced out between your vocal...
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