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Voice Command Reference

October 2, 1997

Voice Command Set Technical Reference

3Com – U.S. Robotics


Voice Command Reference

October 2, 1997

V 1.0 V 2.0

Revision information Initial Release for Sportster Vi modem Amended and updated version. Vi, Voice, Flash and MessagePlus Now covers following Sportster’s :

3Com – U.S. Robotics


Voice Command Reference

October 2, 1997


Global Commands

The AT commands in the following sections are global, meaning that they can be issued in any appropriate mode (i.e., any #CLS setting). For consistency, the command set is divided into action commands and parameters (non-action commands). Those commands, which are action commands (i.e., those that cause some change in the current operating behavior of the modem) are identified as such, and the remaining commands are parameters.


ATA - Answering in Voice
The answer action command works analogously to the way it works in Data and Fax Modes except for the following: 1. When configured for Voice Mode (#CLS=8), the modem enters Online Voice Command Mode immediately after going off-hook. When the#CLS=8 command is issued, the modem can be programmed to look for 1100 and 1300 Hz calling tones (see #VTD), thus eliminating the need to do so as part of A command processing. After the VCON message is issued, the modem re-enters Online Voice Command Mode while sending any incoming DTMF or Calling Tone indications to the DTE. After answering in Voice Mode (#CLS=8), the DTE, as part of its call discrimination processing, can decide to change the #CLS setting to attempt receiving a fax in Class 1, or to make a data connection. In such a case, the DTE commands the modem to proceed with the data or fax handshake via the A command even though the modem is already off-hook.


Parameters: Same as Data and Fax modes.


Result Codes: VCON Issued in Voice Mode (#CLS=8) immediately after going off-hook.


ATD - Dial Command in Voice
The dial action command works analogously to the way it works in Data or Fax modes. When in Voice Mode (#CLS=8): The modem attempts to determine when the remote has picked up the telephone line and once this determination has been made, the VCON message is sent to the DTE. This determination is initially made based upon ringback detection and disappearance. (See #VRA and #VRN commands.). Once connected in Voice Mode, the modem immediately enters the command state and switches to Online Voice Command Mode that enables unsolicited reporting of DTMF and answer tones to the DTE.


Parameters: Same as Data and Fax modes.


Result Codes: VCON Issued in Voice Mode (#CLS=8) when the modem determines that the remote modem or handset has gone off-hook, or when returning to the Online Voice Command Mode. (See #VRA and #VRN.)

3Com – U.S. Robotics


Voice Command Reference

October 2, 1997

NO ANSWER Issued in Voice Mode (#CLS=8) when the modem determines that the remote has not picked up the line before the S7 timer expires.


ATH - Hang Up in Voice
This command works the same as in Data and Fax modes by hanging up (disconnecting) the telephone line. There are, however, some specific considerations when in Voice Mode: 1. The H command forces #CLS=0, but does not destroy any of the voice parameter settings such as #VBS, #VSP, etc. Therefore, if the DTE wishes to issue an H command and then pursue another voice call, it must issue a subsequent #CLS=8 command, but it needn’t reestablish the voice parameter settings again unless a change in the settings is desired. 2. The #BDR setting is forced back to 0, re-enabling autobaud. 3. If the #VLS setting is set to select a device which is not, or does not include the telephone line (such as a local handset or microphone), the H command deselects this device and reselects the normal default setting (#VLS =0). Normally, the DTE should not issue the H command while connected to a...
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