Vogue Global Pr Plan

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Vogue magazine is a global fashion bible that has stood the test of time becoming the ultimate fashion guide to men and women around the world. Vogue has produced models, labels, trends and styles that inspire the fashion industry with every issue. Modern times have seen the changes of styles but also the changes of standards when it comes to the models advertising these fashion brand names. With evolving technologies and high class editing now available to the world it has led to the ultimate lie of perfection on every fashion magazine cover. Models airbrushed, edited and touched on every imperfection leads readers, followers and fans of this iconic fashion source to believe they are not the image of perfection.

Growing concerns have increased over the years with young women in particular becoming more at risk of eating disorders, depression and body image issues. With media highlighting the issue globally readers and fans of the fashion industry are sharing their growing concerns.

Vogue has decided to make a stand against this worldwide epidemic and show that we truly believe real beauty is within and that there is no such thing as an airbrushed woman.

Vogue is sold amongst 18 countries globally and has the power to influence and lead this industry into a new era of change. Vogue has developed new policies and procedures that ban the use of airbrushing in all Vogue fashion magazines along with the goal of eradicating any underweight models or models with eating disorders. With this approach we believe we can promote healthy dieting and lifestyles that show we represent real women and real issues.

Vogue will be working with international foundations that will be promoted throughout the campaign in order to raise money and awareness for these grave diseases. A Vogue Editors conference will be held 5th March 2013 to inform senior management of the changes and new campaign plan to be launched in the future 3 years. This campaign includes a global Health Treaty that encourages all fashion magazines to sign and support the changes of advertising healthy, real women untouched and not airbrushed. Strategies include a targeted aim at two specific audiences; 1.) Global Fashion Magazines:

A range of global press releases, press conferences and campaign advertisements will be dispatched via Vogue New York, which will be reiterated by all Vogue head offices globally. A formal letter will be sent to all fashion magazines of Vogues industry level and guided brochures will be sent in tact. This strategy is to gain attention and awareness of what Vogue is doing to all fashion magazines and working to gain the support of other industry leaders. A organized peace rally walk will also be organized in major cities to gain media attention and support from the public. 2.) All Vogue employees.

A company email will be sent out notifying all staff in each Vogue vicinity of a compulsory meeting that will be taking place in the coming months. The details of the meeting will also feature in the in-house newsletter. A timeline has been established for this global campaign plan that will run over a 3-year period. Video conferencing will also be compulsory to Vogue New York updating the PR plan to monitor the progress and implementation of the campaign. This major decision will be seen as a risky and potentially industry changing move altering what fashion magazines now know as the norm. However Vogue believes in this global plan and has full confidence it will be an international success and the first of many changes to come.


This report contains the fundamental approach Vogue Fashion magazine will take globally in order to foresee their international public relations plan completed. Due to the increasing amount of publicity and industry investigations regarding dieting, eating disorders and the airbrushing of models Vogue magazine has developed new policies and procedures in response the...
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