Vodafone Stp Analysis

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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Vodafone segments its target users by Income, Age, Service usage, Nature of customer, life of the service and geographical condition.  Income 
Age: Vodafone segments its end users by segmenting them into “youth” and “adults”. It further categorizes these as college going kids, those that have just entered the corporate world and older adults.  Service Usage: Vodafone segments its target consumers /users by the kind of service they are looking for. They offer a variety of VAS and some users use Vodafone for these services.  Nature of Customer-Corporate or individual: Vodafone segments its consumers by the nature of the customer, whether they are individual / sole users or whether they work in corporate and are looking to get a corporate connection.  Life of the Service: Vodafone segments its target consumers by the life of service they expect to sign up for. Some users want to sign up for a life time card which could be post paid or pre paid card and some users want a card that has a validity date attached to it. They offer differentiated services to each of these segments.  Geographical condition 

Vodafone is adopting a multi segment approach. They are offering a series of differentiated products to their respective markets.  Home calling cards for the family of those professionals who use to work abroad.  Rs. 10 recharge for small users. 

Cheap SMS Facility for youths 
Facilities for circle users 
Positioning: “Wherever you go the network follows you”  Hutch as a brand always tried to connect with consumers in a simple,honest and real manner, while Vodafone is a more young and fun brand.  So consumers will see a shift reflecting a more vibrant brand promotions.  They are talking about the exclusively of the network and the services they are offering to the consumers.
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