Vodafone New Zealand Recruitment Processes Assessment

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This report carries an assessment of Vodafone New Zealand's recruitment processes, how it's being conducted, what are the methods in place to reach out, attract and motivate the potential applicants to apply for the vacant positions.

Through the introduction, the different issues and methods of recruitment were clarified through researching the already available literature addressing the subject. The processes and their effectivness were clarified showing how important is it to maintain a close fit between employer's culture and values and how the employee should identify with it.

Electronic recruitment has been identified as the main recruitment method in place at Vodafone New Zealand. The company also uses the social media networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to post their vacancies to the public. Moreover, online job boards like seek.com and trademe.co.nz are being used to market the company’s vacancies to a wider public base. On the other hand, the out of the electronic recruitment methods, the company is active in its campus recruiting, organising events, offering internships and a paid university scholarship to one exceptional student.

Through the discussion, the methods of recruitment at the company were analysed, and how the company keeps a close fit between aiming for employees who are fit for the requirements of the job itself, while also identifying with the organisational culture and values.

Recommendations were made to use the printed media to reach out any sector that is not reached by the electronic methods. Also conducting more in-campus events and activities at Universities were recommended for their effect on the future's pool of talent.

The report was concluded with the view that the choice to concentrate on the electronic methods of recruitment is a justified decision due to the visibly, cost issues, the high level of innovation and interaction through this method. 2. INTRODUCTION

This report was commissioned by the HR Manager to asses the recruitment processes of Vodafone New Zealand. Its purpose is to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment process, and make recommendations on how this could be improved and be made more effective.

Vodafone New Zealand is a subsidiary of the London based British Telecommunications company, Vodafone Plc. It was formed in 1998 after Vodafone Group purchased BellSouth New Zealand. Now, Vodafone New Zealand is New Zealand's largest mobile phone operator with approximately 2.5 million customers (Vodafone New Zealand, n.d.). The company employs 1,950 people, and has operations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, covering 97% of where the New Zealand population lives (Vodafone New Zealand, n.d.)

Vodafone New Zealand conducts its recruitment processes in through different channels in order to reach out to prospective employees, who are selected on merit, demonstration of the Vodafone New Zealand performance drivers and fit with the organisational culture, while applying equal opportunity principles. Vodafone New Zealand uses different channels and methods to reach out to the potential applicants, with the main focus in the recruitment channels through the electronic recruitment. The website, www.vodafone.co.nz, provides the main channel of recruitment with the public, with all the current vacancies posted there with their description, details and inducements, along with information about the recruitment process, ability to apply online for the jobs, and some videos of the company's employees and CEO talking about the organisational culture, ethics, and life at Vodafone New Zealand. It also offers the ability to register your resume even if not applying to any position, and thus creating a database for the company that can be mined in the future when a vacancy becomes available.

Although relatively new, other electronic recruitment methods includes the Vodafone New Zealand Facebook page and...
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