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Vodafone – Business

Business Overview
This section explains how Vodafone operates, from the key assets it holds to the activities it carries out to enable the delivery of products and services to the Group’s customers.

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Licences Vodafone has mobile licences in all the countries in which it operates as they are fundamental to the provision of mobile telecommunications services

Customer strategy and management Vodafone endeavours to ensure that customer needs are at the centre of all of the Group’s actions

Network infrastructure Connects all customers together and enables the Group to provide mobile and fixed voice, messaging and data services

Supply chain management Handsets, network equipment, marketing and IT services account for the majority of Vodafone’s purchases, with the bulk being sourced from global suppliers

People Vodafone employed approximately 72,000 people worldwide during the 2008 financial year, with a goal to recruit, develop and retain the most talented and motivated people that are well aligned with the Vodafone brand essence

Marketing and brand Vodafone has continued to focus on delivering a superior, consistent and differentiated customer experience through its brand and communication activities

Direct Distribution • Retail (owned and franchised) • Tele-sales and internet

Research and development The emphasis of the Group R&D work programme is providing technology analysis and a vision that can contribute directly to business decisions

Indirect Distribution • Third party service providers • Independent dealers, distributors and retailers • MVNOs • IT resellers

14 Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2008

Products & Services page 24

Voice Voice services continue to make up the largest portion of the Group’s revenue Handsets The Group has a wide ranging handset portfolio covering different customer segments, price points and an increasing variety of designs

Messaging Allows customers to send and receive messages using mobile devices

Data The Group offers a number of products and services to enhance customers’ access to data services


Fixed line Provides customers with data and fixed voice solutions to meet their total communications needs Vodafone Mobile Connect Provides simple and secure access to the internet and to business customers’ systems such as email, corporate applications and company intranets

Other Includes mobile advertising and business managed services

Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report 2008 15

Vodafone – Business

Technology and Resources
Vodafone’s key technologies and resources include the telecommunications licences it holds and the related network infrastructure, which enable the Group to operate telecommunications networks in 22 controlled and jointly controlled markets around the world. Licences Network infrastructure

The Group is dependent on the licences it holds to operate mobile communication services. Further detail on the issue and regulation of licences can be found in “Regulation” on page 147. The table below summarises the significant mobile licences held by the Group’s mobile operating subsidiaries and the Group’s joint venture in Italy at 31 March 2008. In addition, the Group also has a number of licences to provide fixed line services in many countries in which it operates. The Group holds sufficient spectrum in the majority of the Group’s mobile operating subsidiaries and joint ventures, which meet the medium term requirements for forecast voice and data growth. There is also the possibility of enhancing the medium term needs for voice and data capacity through the refarming of the Group’s existing holdings to more efficient technologies. In areas where the Group needs to increase capacity, it will participate on an opportunity basis in future auctions. Country by region 2G licence expiry date 3G licence expiry date...
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