Vociferation and Gosh Best Birthday

Topics: Vociferation, Death growl, Sound Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The Surprise …….
It was quiet; a little bit too quite for my liking. Other days I would wish I could have a perpetual day of silence, but today it wasn’t a pleasing silence but more of an awkward and scary silence. Having three smaller sisters it was never quite at my house. I wasn’t a drone but I just wasn’t as popular as other people at my school. I was never invited anywhere and if I was I never went, I like my independence and I like being on my own not depending of anyone or someone always on my back annoying the heck out of me. Yea I know I’m kind of weird my mom has already told me that about a million times so you thinking so won’t make a difference. Any who, I was ambivalent as to go wander around and see if anyone was out there or to see where everybody went. I stayed still and tried to remain quite to see if I could distinguish some kind of human existence down there. I waited what seemed to be about an hour and nothing not even a small creek or a bird chirp. Chills ran down my spine as a gust of wind entered my room. It wasn’t until now that I realized that it had gotten dark. I looked up and saw an owl with its head turning at me! His eyes were black and dark that sent Goosebumps flying all around my body. I yelped and ran to shut the window. I guess he was more frightened than I was because he made some strange sound as soon as I stood up and flew away. I was ready to hear my mom screaming at me to quite my screaming but nothing came just the shrieking sounds of silence. By now I was staring to get impatient. I was annoyed that she didn’t say anything, which was weird, but still I was. My mom never went out especially not after 6 because she had to get my little sisters ready for the next day. It was 7:45 and nothing. She had to be home I knew it she would have told me or said something. I wanted to see how long it would take my mom for her to break and say something to me, so I started shouting inane comments at the tope of lungs. “I LOVE...
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