Vocational Guidance

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What Is Vocational Guidance?
A vocation is a career or calling and the word is derived from the Latin vocare, which means "to call." Vocational guidance means helping someone find his or her calling or at least a suitable career choice. Vocations or careers can be loosely categorized into areas such as service, technical, mechanical, creative, health and business.

Vocational training rather than vocational guidance is available at career colleges and this is usually for entry-level careers. For example, a career college with a health vocational curriculum may offer education and training programs for nurse’s aide and medical assistant careers, while business-oriented vocational schools may have marketing assistant and bookkeeping program offerings. A career college or vocational school differs from regular colleges and universities as the focus isn't on academics, but rather on training students for a specific career. Vocational or career colleges are also sometimes referred to as community colleges or trade schools. Vocational guidance is often started in high school although some high schools also have vocational training programs. Vocational exploration courses offer students the opportunity to research different career possibilities as well as learn which vocational areas they have aptitude or talent in. For instance, many vocational guidance classes give tests to the students that test their ability with numbers, words, mechanical concepts and many more subjects. Tests designed to measure an individual’s personality traits, intelligence quotient (IQ) as well as his or her main values and interests are administered and analyzed by career counselors.

Once career counselors and the students have looked over the test results, career options can be chosen that fit best with each individual. Vocational guidance doesn't stop there as many other considerations must be made when deciding on a career direction. The type and number of years of education must be considered. Salary and working conditions are other important considerations in career selection. The likely demand for the occupation in the next decade or more is a crucial element when choosing a vocation since this affects the likelihood of finding jobs in a certain career field.

Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Programme
To cater to the Educational and Vocational Guidance needs of the students and job-seekers the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling programme as an integral part of National Employment Service was formulated in the year 1956 under the technical guidance of ILO and has been in operation since 1957. Objective:

The main objective of the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Programme is to render continuous assistance to individuals in preparing to choose, change and adjust occupational life; generate awareness and appreciation of the realities of the Employment Market; collaborate or co-operate with other agencies in the field to stimulate and promote joint efforts to enhance their employability. Programme:

Directorate General of Employment & Training in the Ministry of Labour is providing the necessary guidance and employment counselling services to the job-seekers and the students through the network of 938 Employment Exchanges functioning under the administrative control of the respective States/Union Territory Governments in general and specialised services by trained personnel through 360 Vocational Guidance Units set up in the District Employment Exchanges and 82 University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux functioning in the Universities in particular. The programme include rendition of different Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Services to the Job-seekers visiting Employment Exchanges and University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux, on individual and group basis.

Individual Guidance Programme consists of discussions of...
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