Vocabulary for Airline Business

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Airline Business Vocabulary

IEN315: English for Airline Business Second Semester 2010

|Accompanied/ |Accompanied baggage is carried in the same aircraft as the passenger (and may be checked or unchecked). Unaccompanied baggage| |Unaccompanied Baggage |is carried separately as cargo. | |Actual Flying Time |The actual time that an aircraft is in the air - does not include time on the ground (waiting in line for take-off, for | | |example). | |Aileron |A control surface located on the trailing edge of each wing tip. Deflection of these surfaces controls the roll or bank angle | | |of the aircraft. | |Air Rage |When passengers become violent towards crew members or passengers. | |Aircraft |Any machine capable of atmospheric flight. May be heavier or lighter than air. | |Aircraft Configuration |Planned utilization layout of aircraft interior space. | |Airfoil |Any surface such as an airplane wing, aileron or rudder designed to obtain a useful reaction from the air moving past it. | |Airline Code, Airline |Every airline is allocated a unique two-letter code. | |Designator | | |Airport Code |Three-letter codes used to identify airports. | |Airsickness |Nausea, vomiting, or dizziness induced by the motion that occurs during air flight. | |Airworthiness |A term used to describe both the legal and mechanical status of an aircraft with regard to its readiness for flight. | |Alliance |A term for airlines that have grouped together – formed an alliance – to give them a stronger identity and larger market | | |share. | |Altimeter |An instrument that displays the altitude above mean sea level (MSL) of an aircraft. | |Amenities |Services and extras offered by an airline to its passengers. | |AOG |Act of God - also known as a `force majeure'. This encompasses the situations where airlines are not legally responsible to | | |provide lodging, transport, or other expenses that travelers may incur as a result of an AOG. Inclement weather, civil | | |disruptions, and other unanticipated events may be classified as an AOG. | |Artificial Horizon |An instrument that enables a pilot to determine the attitude of the aircraft in relation to the horizon, i.e. whether the | | |aircraft is nose-up, nose-down or banking left or right. | |ARUNK or ARNK |Arrival unknown segment, such as when ground transportation is used between two cities of a multi-leg journey airline | |...
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