Topics: Sentence, Figure of speech, Syntax Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Graphon – is a graphical fixation of phonetic peculiarities of pronunciation with the intentional violation of the graphical shape of a word. Onomatopoeia (звукоподражание) – the use of words in which the sound is suggestive of the object or action designated: buzz, cuckoo, bang, hiss… Assonance (ассонанс) – agreement of vowel sounds in the stressed syllables (sometimes in the following unstressed syllables) of neighboring words. Alliteration (аллитерация) – a repetition of the same consonant usually at the beginning of neighboring words or accented syllables. Aposiopesis (умолчание, недосказ) – sudden break in the narration. It is used to indicate strong emotions paralyzing the character’s speech or his deliberate stop in the utterance to conceal its meaning. Suspense (напряжение неизвестности) – holding the reader in tense anticipation. It is often realized through the separation of predicate from subject or of link verb from predicative, by the deliberate introduction between them of a phrase, clause or sentence (frequently parenthetic). Chiasmus (хиазм) – is also called reversed parallelism, for into its pattern two sentences are included, of which the second necessarily repeats the structure of the first, only in reversed manner: Subject – Predicate - Object; Object - Predicate - Subject. Parallelism (параллелизм) - repetition, involving the whole structure of the sentence; specific similarity of syntactic structure of adjacent word groups. It usually contributes to the rhythmical effect. Parallelism is differentiated into complete , presenting identical structure of two or more successive clauses or sentences, and partial, in which the repeated sentence-pattern may vary. Inversion (инверсия) deals with the displacement of the predicate or with the displacement of secondary members of the sentence and their shift into the front, final or an unusual position in the sentence; it is a device of style which gives liveliness and sometimes vigor to the...
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