Vocab Unit 11 and 12

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At the beginning of next year I will be heading to Savannah, GA to live with my boyfriend on base where he is stationed at. I will apostate his religion when we get married and make a consensus agreement that we will stay together forever during our wedding vowels. We will constrict the house that we pick until we have kids together and make a effusive demonstration to the Sargent. I will fill very euphoria with him and there’s never been an impasse solution. Our love Is like metamorphosis when we are together and a mystiqur attitude sometimes. I know when he is gone it will be very parlous but that will be his punctilio orders to go to Afghanistan. The day he gets back will be quixotic and apposite for the whole family Instead of vendetta actions towards him. I’m never going to be that wife that bilks ,debilitate, or execrable. He is going to impinge for our country and the army also narcissism him he acts different now. Me and him will have wonderful pastiche at our wedding but not make the dance floor to precarious. I’ve been utilitarian about the wedding and his deployment and im vacuous ideas also viable during circumstances. He doesn’t like bravado things or quagmire food. But I cant wait for him to raconteur his stories about the war and he was in sine qua non condition. He sometimes sees agur shadows and charisma figures and also zany but I cant wait till my life starts with him with a zealot fantasy.
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