Vocab Lesson 9

Topics: Death, Native Americans in the United States, Body Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Honors Survey of Literature
26 October 2010
Vocabulary Lesson 9
1. The gauge on the dashboard emits a red light when the gas tank is almost empty 2. If the granary fills up too early, the farmers will have to find another place to store grain. 3. The late night show included lampoons meant to make a funny joke. 4. Larry had no qualms about the test that he had next period, because he studied a lot the night before. 5. During the homily, Jonathan Edwards warned the congregation that they were making the wrong decision. 6. The demise of the old West can be attributed to the cowboys wiping out the Native Americans. 7. The choleric sailor often found himself in the brig for talking back to the captain. 8. Narcissistic people seldom worry about other people.

9. You could tell by the ghastly look on her face that she had practically been scared to death. 10. Some of the games at the carnival are designed to bilk people by making them think they can win a big prize. 11. You will impede the healing of your broken foot if you don’t where the brace all day. 12. Decadence among government officials ultimately caused the government to go into a deficit. 13. You will be aghast when you see the gruesome dead body. 14. Dan tried to eradicate all of the cats in the world because he is allergic to them. 15. Heidi fabricated an excuse for the huge mess in her house that occurred while her parents were out of town.
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