Vocab from 1984

Topics: Family, American Civil War, Boy Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: January 23, 2013
List #1

1.As I was preparing dinner for my family, I could tell the beats were good because of the sanguine juice that dripped out of it as I cut them into many piece and mixed them in the salad.

2.Even though the girl was no as skinny as her other friends, more guys liked her because of her pneumatic body shape.

3.This weekend I watched the Avengers, and during the fighting scene near the end of the movie, the formidable army relentlessly attacked the city.

4.The urbane queen of England was raised in a very wealthy family who saw the importance of being well behaved.

5.I began to fall in love with the woman’s inherent personality and accent.

6.Everyone had to send in a compendium stating his or her accomplishments during their soccer career in order to tryout for LMU’s soccer team.

7.During the Civil War in America my grandpa served as a full colonel with the South partisans, known as the Rebels.

8.Whenever the boy talks during class discussions, most of the time his ideas are jargon.

9.California is known as being the most multifarious state because of the different cultured people living there.

10.The woman’s protuberant fat distracted me from judging her swimsuit during the Summer Swimwear contest.

11.The young boy got in a lot of trouble after talking back to his parents in a derisive manner.

12. Since the king had already chose his older son to become king, the younger son was now seen as just a subsidiary person.
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