Vles Enhance Face to Face Teaching

Topics: Virtual learning environment, Higher education, Education Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: April 6, 2013
The extent that virtual learning environments (VLEs) enhance traditional face to face teaching in higher education is in itself a very complex issue, since most of the universities across the world intend to upgrade their teaching facilities to be more state of the art. The Joint Information Systems Committee JISC (2007, citied in Maltby & Mackie 2009:49) defines a VLE as a set of components in which learners and tutors participate in ‘online’ interactions of various kinds, including online learning. It means using mix teaching method of high information communication technology (ICT) and traditional face to face teaching in classroom to make the study environment more interactive. It has become increasingly important that students are given support to develop a range of skills that are crucial if they are to succeed in higher education (Oliver, 2007:3). This essay will assert that the virtual learning environment is likely to improve traditional face to face teaching quality and enhance student achievement in higher education. Finally, it will discuss the advantages and minor disadvantages then explore this issue in more detail.

The first main aspect that VLEs significantly improve face to face teaching in higher learning education is that allow students to engage with interactive and exciting materials. Digital and modern platforms have been used by higher learning institutions to improve their learning. It confirms the assertion of Sharpe et al (2006) that “Student response is overwhelmingly positive to the provision of online course information to supplement traditional teaching.” The mixing teaching methods include a advanced technologies can help lecturer to deliver the course creatively and improving the student’s learning experience, there can be learning gains in ICT, writing, understanding and presentation skills (Watts and Lloyd, 2000). Then, normally university students demonstrate that the classroom is a boring place to learning. According...
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