Vladimir Putin: Restricted Democracy in Russia

Topics: Vladimir Putin, Russia, Boris Yeltsin Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Reelection of the Vladimir Putin as a president and leader means for the Russia repeatedly lose of democracy in the country, in spite of fact, that Russia presented themselves as a democratic nation, but a majority of citizens know, it is not completely true. We could say, that Russia has not ever been a “clear” democratic country. Important year for the all socialistic countries in Europe is the 1989, when the dominancy of the communism looses the power and democracy is become still more popular in post communism countries. With reelection of Vladimir Putin as a president, Russian citizens perceive his governance more as a restricted democracy in comparison with political system in western countries. Career of the Vladimir Putin started in the KGB. While he was studying on the law university in Leningrad, putin became a member of the KGB. He was member till the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991. Important step for his future political career was for him sympathizing with the Boris Jelcin. In year 1998 Putin was named as a head of FSB. The most important year in his political career was 2000 when Putin became after the Boris Jelcin the president of the Russia. Vladimir Putin was president till 2008 when Dmitrij Medvedev took the president chair and Putin lead government as a prime minister of the Russia. Last year in 2012 Putin was again reelected as a “new” president of the Russia. True is that a lot of people perceive him as a good leader, basically he helped to the Russian economy to get from the 15 years long recession, which worried the country while Boris Jelcin was in the head of Russia. Definitely, he has also a positive impact on the country, but on the other hand, there are a lot of people who are against him and perceive his governance more negatively as positively. Many people considered governance of Vladimir Putin like a restricted democracy, where corruption is nothing new and oligarchs have impact on the running of the...
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