Vladeks Luckiness

Topics: Maus, Art Spiegelman, Vladek Spiegelman Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: December 18, 2012
In Maus 1 and 2 the main character Vladek Spiegelman is very fortunate with his luck and apart from his luck his health, even though his heath is some what poor it is a big life savior that keeps him living through out both books. As you can see my theme is luck and health in Vladeks life. His heath isn’t all that good because of his heart condition and the man gets stuck in sticky situations but always manages to pull out saftely and unharmed. In some ways he uses his health to pull out of some situations and to me its absolutly amazing and funny at the same time. Vladek with his smart tactics lives through a tough life but manages to survive. To begin with Vladek Spiegelman, an adverage man tells a story about his days as a Jew in the begining and through out WWII. His luck has increased through out the book and that is a major source of living in Vladeks life. Being a Jew in the streets was dangerous and as Valdek walked to Ilzecki house Germans where abusing and killing Jews. " So I sat with him and his wife a good few hours. we heard shootings and screams. He survived me my life that time." (80) Vladek could have been kilt that day but Ilzecki hid him a protected him and wound up dead trying to help a good friend. Vladek was very remorceful over his luck that day, he was able to live to seek his future. Vladeks chances of luck has something to do with his permiscuos and mysterious sneaky ways. When Germans where searching around Moderzejowska inspecting working papers, Vladek didnt have his and went out to buy some textiles, running in to a building he sucessfully managed to disappear before being approched and maybe taken away. " I didnt know before about this..I managed to disappear into a building..But they took maybe 50% of the people away"(78), this quote shows that by hiding quickly in the buildings he didnt get caught and taken away for not having his working papaers. Alothough Vladek is one sneaky and sly devil and has such fortunate luck, his health...
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