Vivien Thomas

Topics: Alfred Blalock, Vivien Thomas, Tetralogy of Fallot Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Vivien Thomas was instrumental in devolving heart surgery that saved many babies lives and revolutionized how future heart surgeons would deal with heart problems. I chose this topic because I think Vivien Thomas was a very interesting person. Not a lot of people know about him even thought he was one of the first people to try to do surgery on the heart. So far in my project I have gone to the library and looked online. I got a lot of great information from books and the articles I have read. I chose an exhibit because I like to be creative and my information is neater on an exhibit. Also I think it is more interesting to see the information displayed on an exhibit. I am doing an individual project because I work better alone. In a group I would be with friends so I would not get as much done and not learn as much. If I had done my project in a group then you don’t always know if they are going to be a good group member and help. My topic of Vivien Thomas relates to the theme because he changed how people did heart surgery before him it was a rule that when you are a surgeon you don’t touch the heart. Vivien Thomas helped to change this also because he was black he impacted how people looked at black people. He showed them that he was just as smart and talented as any white doctor. My topic is important today because without Vivien and his impact on how people did surgery many lives would have been lost. Vivien helped to pave the way for future heart surgeons who are of any race. Without Vivien Thomas and his new ideas about the heart we might not be as far along in heart surgery as we should have been. He is still very important today in history because he changed history and he helped to write the world we know today.

Primary Sources

"Dr.Blalock Wins Award." New York Times 13 Nov. 1949: 56. Print. This source showed me that even thought it was Vivien who created the method to repair blue babies heart Dr. Blalock was getting all the credit. Blalock...
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