Vivenka & Shores Reading Review

Topics: Learning, Student, University Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Vivekananda, Kitty, and Penny Shores. 1996. Uni is Easier When You Know How: Success Stories, Study Secrets, Strategies. Sydney: Hale and Iremonger.

Vivekananda & Shores present two recounts from students of their university experience capturing their obstacles, reasons for choosing their course of study & coping with personal difficulties while studying. The authors have collected these stories in order to assist other students find methods for dealing with their own difficulties in life and study. The authors have chosen these stories to enable first year university students an insight into what they may face and how they may overcome these obstacles

A common theme in the recounts are that each student relied tremendously on external support from peers and how this support was a major key to their success and determination to continue with their studies. Both Joseph and Maria state how much they enjoy their courses of study although they are both entering university at difference stages in their lives, Joseph directly from high school and Maria a mature age student.

Joseph writes about his personal interactions with other students as having both a negative and positive effect on his study patterns and learns to overcome these consequences with time and determination. Maria writes about dealing with being a mature age student with 4 children and going through a divorce, she manages to keep up with her study by changing her routines to fit in her home life as well as study life and relies heavily on external support.

Both stories would be common to many first year & mature age students. I was able to relate to both stories in different way, Joseph in being new to the university culture and learning as I go and Maria juggling a fulltime job as well as studying. Vivekananda & Shores introduction installed in me a sense of not being alone and knowing a lot of students out there are struggling with similar issues. I feel it is ok to make mistakes but to...
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