Topics: Project management, Personal computer, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: July 20, 2008
AtekPC Project management Office

1. What are the challenges given to AtekPC and PC industry as a whole?

- A slow down in sales and profitability
The PC industry was experiencing tremendous cost pressure and was undergoing a period of consolidation. As profit margins fell, PC makers were launching cost reduction strategies aimed at further improving the efficiency of their supply chains, while lowering the cost of distribution. - Substitute good for PC

Consumer want to reap the benefit of being able to access email from anywhere 24/7 without the inconvenience of carrying a notebook computer around with them. Mobile phones and PDAs now provide this functionality.

2. What were the benefits of informal approach to projects?

- Rapid response
Lead analysts had long tenures in their areas and developed a deep knowledge of the business activities, needs, and people. As a result of their informal approach, they provided rapid response to user requests and were able to balance emergent critical needs within their workgroups with few conflicts.

3. Who prefers the PMO-heavy/PMO-light? What are the benefits of each model?

- Steven Gardner (Manufacturing Systems Manager)
. prefer PMO-heavy because the PMO-heavy would provide a project manager resource pool. - Richard Steinberg (Director Application Development)
. prefer PMO-light because the PMO-heavy require more people.

- the benefits of PMO-heavy
. Reinforcement of responsibility for the management of all IT projects. - the benefits of PMO-light
. Low resistance because all projects operated under existing organizational control.

4. Which model (PMO-heavy vs. PMO-light) do you recommend for AtekPC? Provide your rationale.

- PMO-light
. In my opinion, AtekPC was in crisis in terms of financial situation and Market situation. And PMO-heavy require much financial and human resource than PMO-light. So I think that AtecPC can afford to...
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