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Swami Vivekananda: An ascetic and educationist
By Bhavesh Kumar, P.G.T.(Biology)

Swami Vivekananda, a spiritual saint of international repute, a preacher of humanity oriented spirituality, a lover of mankind, a patriot ascetic of modern India, an inspirer of national consciousness and a deep reservoir of energy for millions of youth of the country and broad was born on Monday, January 12, 1863 in Kolkata, West Bengal(India). His father Mr. Vishwanath Datta was an advocate in the high court of Kolkata and was a great scholar of English and Persian literature. His mother Bhuwaneshwari Devi a pious, pure hearted religious and an ardent devotee of lord Shiva was a house lady.

`Truly Swami ji was a divine saint as only a divine person can achieve the Himalayan height of success in the very short span of 39 years specially in the midst of acute physical sufferings in the last days of his life. He was gifted with deep spiritual insight, vast knowledge of Eastern, Western culture, extra ordinary talent, brilliant eloquence, broad human sympathy and colourful fascinating tall and robust divine personality. Swami ji, the penniless young monk of India leading a life of purity, chastity and poverty, who was unknown to the Western world till September 1893, was overnight transformed into the most outstanding figure of the religious world after his first lecture on the universal religion of Vedas and oneness of humanity at the Parliament of Religious held at Chicago and became the spiritual ambassador of the entire humanity. As the wandering monk (Parivrajak) toured almost the entire India on the foot and the various countries of the world including USA, England, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, China and many other to spread the message of the Universal human religion, religious harmony and to break down the barriers of caste, colour, creed and boundaries of nations to fuse all people into one humanity. His master Ramkrishna Paramhans known as god man of modern...

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