Vitamin Water Entry Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Germany, European Union Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Primary Competition
Water& is currently is an innovative brand of flavoured water enriched with vitamins which was developed by Israeli entrepreneurs. The website out of this company outlines their target market who are educated, health conscious and are involved in daily activities such as: work, school, and sports activities [ (Water&, 2009) ].

Water& provides the three following unique flavours that are available in 500ml and 1.5L plastic bottles • Water&Fresh  :  Mint-Lime flavour 
• Water&Easy  :  Lemon grass + Verbena flavour
• Water&Energy  :  Litchi + Watermelon flavour
Secondary competition
In addition to Vitamin water’s primary competitor, there are four categories of secondary competitors: * Soda
* Water
* Fruit Juices
Soda’s made by Coca-cola and Pepsi are available in Germany which people love to drink and have been doing so for many years. Though studies in Germany have showed consumer tastes starting to stray away from unhealthy soft drinks that can be seen through statistic where it shows Germany ranked 14 out of 18 countries at 72.8L per capita much less than the world average of 89.8L. (Nation Master, 2011) Germany is ranked 5ths in the world for bottle water consumption; Germans are known to consume 109.2L of water per capita. They rank higher than the United States and Canada who sit at seven and eight place, respectively. (Nation Master, 2011) As statistics shows it can be said that if vitamin water were to be introduced into Germany some of the market share controlled by bottled water could shift to vitamin water. The fruit juice competitors can be seen as a major competitor of market share, fruit juices in Germany are marketed as healthier alternative to Cola drinks. Currently world consumption of fruit juice ranks Germany number three, who are consume 38.6L of juice per capita, much larger than the world average of 28.4. USA and Canada rank first and second, respectively. (Nation Master,...
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