Vitamin Water

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Marketing Plan For LAUNCH OF

Vitamin Water in Pakistan

To establish itself as a health water supplier targeting sports, thrill seeking community and also for those adults, for whom, vitamin intake becomes a necessity with a span of age or due to some illness. To establish itself as a health water supplier for young generation & for adults with vitamin as a daily source of energy

Executive Summary
Purpose of this project is to study the opportunities in Pakistani market for “Vitamin Water”. Vitamin Water is a world renowned brand. Marketed by a well organized multinational company which operates almost all over the globe. This is the first effort in Pakistan to market this product. Vitamin Water is recognized as a leading health water provider, facing direct competition from Carbonated Beverages and bottled water. Vitamin Water will position itself in the same category An analysis of the soft dink industry was also conducted in Pakistan and world wide also. Global consumption of soft drinks is rising by 5% a year.

Table of Contents

Titles Page # 1. Introduction 01 2. Mission and vision statement 01 3. Facts about company 02 4. Pepsi in Pakistan 04 5. Product in spot light 09 6. Market analysis of soft drink 10 7. Pakistani soft drink industry 13 8. Industrial SWOT analysis 14 9. External Environmental factors 16 10. Internal Environmental factors 21 11. Pre-marketing Mix 25 12. Marketing Mix strategies 27 13. Conclusion 39 14. Suggestions 40

Vitamin Water by one of the world’s famous brand Glacéau in Flavored or Unflavored water is being introduced in Pakistan as a health water to increase the market share of bottle water, to increase the Vitamin intake within the sports, thrill seeking community and also for those adults, for whom, vitamin intake becomes a necessity. Vitamin water is already available in many countries of the world, thus entering into a new market like Pakistan would be another accomplishment by the company and should continue the pace at which the company has grown. The reason for introducing this water is to enhance and to enrich the available product line in Mineral or chemically treated Water in Pakistan. Pakistan already has a lot companies that have established themselves as a premium quality suppliers of Mineral or chemically treated water. The concept and need of having clean water aroused when people realized the profusion of contaminated water available for everyday use while drinking, cooking, etc. This caused lots of health disruptions especially among the young children. We are devising a marketing plan for the product that is being introduced in Pakistan for the first time and is targeted mainly for sports person, youngsters & for patients seeking vitamin intake in daily diet.

Company History
1996, in New York city, an adventurer, gadabout and humble genius named J. Darius Bikoff was suffering the one-two punch of raging thirst and low energy. En route to a yoga class, Bikoff was feeling run-down so he gobbled a vitamin c wafer and chased it with a swig of water. The combination of the flavor and nourishment inspired Bikoff to develop Glacéau Vitaminwater®, an enhanced hydration beverage that’s packed with the nutrients you need throughout the day. Bikoff’s vision gave birth to the enhanced hydration category, changing the beverage industry forever. The great tasting, nutrientenhanced format of Glacéau Vitaminwater® has gained the appeal of consumers who like something a little different from usual. Glacéau Vitaminwater® first launched in New York in 2000 and is now hydrating thirsty people in cities around the world including Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Mexico city, toronto, seoul and tokyo! Celebrities, rock stars, fashionistas and other people drink Glacéau Vitamin Water® because it’s a great-tasting way to get some of the essential nutrients and vitamins we all need each day. Glacéau Vitaminwater® can be incorporated into any...
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