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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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Ryan Boyle
6 November 2011
Essay Pg.10 Question#3
Alain de Botton states a truthful and realistic point about humorists. Humorists have the ability to say things the average person will never say, this defines and makes humorists important, yet there role may be misconstrued .

Humorists give people the opportunity to listen to stories, words, conversations, and more that cannot be heard on a daily basis. People have the freedom to interact and watch an individual that is capable of doing almost anything. The effects of this can be astounding. An individual may feel joy, relief, and find pleasure and meaning in their life after listening to a thrilling humorous story that brightened their day. Stand-up comics can share a story to the audience and some of the attendants will leave the show with a lifted spirit and possibly a new look on life through the story. If many people are affected this way it would start to affect the society, thus making the humorists a vital aspect.

Although the humorists are a vital function in society, is it possible that they can portray wrong and negative views through people? Humor is not always appropriate, that is why people do not say the things humorists say during their daily lives. Botton sees humorists as a vital function in society, but can humorists be a dire aspect within society? Nowadays humorists use foul, rude, and adult humor and expose this toward anyone who is watching or listening, including minors. This could be sending wrong messages throughout the youth, giving wrong ideas, morals, and situations that are not suitable for the early life of a child. If humorists are giving off negative ideals toward children, are they still a vital function in society?

In conclusion, humorists have many aspects that make them a fundamental addition to society. They can be of much importance toward one or many individuals in a variety of positive ways. They can form positive ideals that can help...
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