Visual Text Essay: Truman Show

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Visual Text Essay( Truman Show

9. Describe an important idea in the text. Explain how visual and/or verbal features showed you that this idea was important.

Freedom; a right all human beings cherish and strive for, banishing any ideas of captivity. It is powerful and even more so the ability to control it. “The Truman Show”, directed by Chrsitof expresses the control of freedom in a utopian society that contradicts the purpose of reality television. This is done through the setting, costume, dialogue and camera shots intertwined in the unique world of Truman Burbank.

“Ladies first”, a common cliché used to emphasizes the polite nature of gentlemen. Yet one can wonder whether it is purely the position and routine application of authority that ensures the power and control of females. In the opening scene of chapter nine “there’s no place like home”, a three shot of: Truman’s grandmother, Truman and Meryl portrays the genuine hierarchy in Truman’s life. Truman is confined and contained in between these two feminine figures; he is immobile and unable to break free. The setting itself is a cage; surrounding Truman in a world where his freedom is absent. Prevented and restricted from going anywhere, it almost seems like a cruel form of torture. “Because I never have”, he has never had the chance to explore the unknown to go anywhere beyond Seahaven. To some this is immoral and wrong, to others it is just “good” television.

Humorous yet serious, a phrase filled with irony and contradiction: Reality television. Reality is defined as a resemblance of what is real, a presentation of the good and bad of life. However like most reality television shows the “Truman Show” is not reality at all and the entire show completely contradicts its “mission statement”. Christof has installed different ways of controlling Truman in order to keep him on Seahaven. “We’re just going to walk away from our financial obligations?” Christof uses Meryl and many other major...
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