Visual Merchandising

Topics: Merchandising, Promotion, Color psychology Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: June 5, 2011
nformal Proposal: Student Sample #3Date: September 26, 2001To: Center Team Leader and Interns

From: Samantha Stevens, Agnes Moore, and Valerie Peron

Subject: Proposal to create, organize, and present a visual merchandising promotion concept for the months of January and October for the U of A bookstore.

Problem statements:The purpose of this proposal is to demonstrate the University Bookstore's need for a more effective visual merchandising concept. In order to address the problem of unsuccessful display results in the U of A Bookstore, this project will explore: Traffic patterns within the store's floor layout.

Sales trends in relation to monthly promotional displays. Existing set up and reasons for its incompetence.
This project will serve pressing promotional needs as well set a standard for future success in the visual merchandising realm at the University of Arizona. An enormous financial investment has been placed into the construction of the new U of A Bookstore. The U of A Bookstore is taking its operation into a new direction by greatly expanding its square footage as well as its featured merchandise. The U of A Bookstore is now carrying not only required textbooks for offered courses and a few T-shirts and pencils, but instead is offering a huge range of merchandise from clothing to CD's. On its upper floor, the U of A Bookstore is beginning to look much more like a Barnes & Noble than a typical campus bookstore. The new U of A Bookstore will be carrying over 15 different types of backpacks, shirts, shorts, hats, notebooks, journals, CD's, software, a wide assortment of art supplies, recreational reading, and much more. This vast amount of new merchandise requires an entirely different approach regarding sales and promotion. The U of A Bookstore needs to compete on an entirely new level. The factor that will make a student stay and shop at the U of A Bookstore after purchasing his or her required texts is a strong visual merchandising...
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