Visual Merchandising

Topics: Color, Color wheel, Primary color Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 8, 2007
What I learned in Visual Merchandising

I am really glad that I took this class this semester. It helped me to further my knowledge on things that are important for my major (Fashion Merchandising). I learned how to work with others, which I have not had to do in a while. The class also helped me to present in front of a group of people, which I thought I was not comfortable with, but once I did it, it gave me the feeling that I can do this anytime! I learned the basic rules on how to do a window display, the different parts of a window, and what different types of window advertisements are designed to do, such as promote a cause, or sell merchandise. I learned the principles of design, that all designs must display balance and proportion. Four types of balances are formal, informal, in balance and out of balance. Displays should follow the rules of AIDA, which is attracting attention, stimulate interest, create desire, and motivate action. Displays have different themes, and there are four ways to show merchandise. Display arrangements include pyramid, step, zig zag, radiation, repetition, progression, and alternation I learned the principles of design, about unity and harmony, and different colors on the color wheel. There are primary colors, secondary, and tertiary colors. I learned the different types of color schemes, and how some colors coordinate with each other. If it was not for the presentations, I would not have known that so many stores and businesses have so much to offer, especially the business I did which was the body shop. I made new friends, got to meet a great teacher, and I actually had fun, learned, and loved coming to class!
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