Visual Language in Video Games

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Andrew Haigh
Mrs. Zameni
Visual Language and Culture HU130
March 17, 2013
Visual Language in Video Games
Visual language is a very interesting subject to study. Before I took my visual language class I really didn’t pay any attention really how or what people are trying to get across in there art. I knew that when an artist creates art of any kind there is always a reason behind it, I just never really took the time to figure it out. Now that I am at the end of my visual language class I can’t look at art and not try to analyze it. I believe this is very essential to video games and not just the obvious reason, which is that video games are all visual. There are many visual aspects that have to go into a video game for it to be successful. The creators must be able to create something that visually fits with their game but also visually relays to the player were and what to do. There are many aspects that I could go into that visually effect a game, but this is about visual language in video games not the visual aspects of games. Visual language is basically a language that everybody picks up in their life especially now that we’re more of a visual culture; the only thing is that they don’t really realize that they know this language. It’s really simple to understand once someone opens your eyes to it. Something like video games which are all visual can be easier or harder for someone to analyze it. To give you an example, I will explain the visual elements of games, the pros and cons of visual realism in games, visual effects of games on gamers, and an Image analysis of a picture of a character of a video game.

For me to accurately example visual language in video games you need to understand some basic visual aspects of video games. Ever game has the same general visual elements to “…guide, direct, and communicate with the player.” (Visual Elements within Games) For example, every level that you play is designed to lead you to your goal. The level...
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