Visual Impaired

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, United Arab Emirates Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Can you finish this assignment in Saturday afternoon because the in need submit it in Sunday 2nd June.2013 and I want to check it before submit it. Note if you will have a quote from a book can you put the page in the citation

What is the visual impaired described in the report/ history. What are the causes symptoms and characteristics? (Visual impaired defined very well citing several sources) What are the possible learning difficulties that children who have this visual impaired could face in the classroom? Link to areas of development (physical, social/emotional/language/cognitive) and any other important areas. (Areas of development linked together and with the visual impaired with various stages mentioned. A clear understanding showing of the impact of the visual impaired on students in various stages and areas of development).

Part 2:
1- Discuss the possibility of including children with visual impaired in the UAE? Discuss relevant legislation in other parts of the world? Specific focus on important legislation in the UK and the Salamanca statement. (Both the Salamanca statement (international policy) and the UAE laws regarding inclusion clearly showing understanding of their importance. 2- How can we include children with visual impaired I the classroom? What are the difficulties? Discuss attitude, language, physical environment, support services, training for teachers. Also outline the benefits of inclusion for the child with the visual impaired and for other children. Teachers, parents and the community. ( depth of understanding is evident in the choice of inclusion/ integration policy (possibility of including how least restrictive environments LRE could work for some children with visual impairment) 3- Support children with visual impaired in the classroom/ creating the IEP. Who are the professionals involved in supporting a child with visual impaired? 4- How do they work together?

(A comprehensive list...
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