Visual Identity Design

Topics: Logo, Brand, Graphic design Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Enterprise development and expansion of the need for good corporate image, quality of products or services, a considerable visibility of the brand's logo and enjoys popular support, these are the constituent elements of enterprise development. Enterprises in the actual operation of the former general to identify these enterprises The visual elements of system design, this is the so-called enterprise VI design. Brand is used to identify a sale or a certain group sales of the product or service, and with the competitor's product or service to distinguish between the commercial name or emblem. Usually used text, tags, symbols, colors and patterns hungry Elements or a combination of these elements. Brand name refers to address some of the language, also called "Name", such as "Mercedes" (BENZ), Sony (SONY), and so on. A complete product concept includes not only the product itself entities, should also include the associated manufacturing enterprises, brand and logo. Enterprises, brand name and logo were the corresponding consumer awareness to a large extent influence the product Marketing effectiveness and success or failure. In order to better understand the business name, brand name and logo in the marketing of the role and development trend, we must first of all understood the meaning of these concepts. Company name refers to material in the production or paid services of organizations or groups of the code, and the other doing the same for the activities of the organizations or groups difference. Enterprises in naming must follow to read, easy-to-remember, reflect the content business And the meaning of the principle, enterprises should also take into account the cultural ideas, such as geographic regions where. Logo is a brand or a business can be identified, easy to remember but can not use the language of the call, usually by the logo, symbols or colors, such as a special. It generally includes corporate logo and brand logo, usually We said to them under...
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