Visual & Graphical Elements of the Baderman Island Website Analysis

Topics: Photography, Adobe Flash, Color Pages: 8 (3184 words) Published: June 23, 2008
We selected the Baderman Island website as the focus for our team project. We felt the website had a number of photos and graphics that had some complexity to them. This provided a wealth of images for much discussion and analysis. Although the website does well in some areas to convey the beauty and atmosphere of Baderman Island, it also falls short in other areas and fails to show consistency. This paper will examine the use of colors, photographs, graphics and text and image composition with a particular emphasis on the subject of composition; we will provide analysis of these areas and provide recommendations for improvements. Use of Color

Generally, the website for Baderman Island relies on key colors to convey a certain mood. These colors are blue, green, purple and brown set against the dark gray side banner. These varying tones and hues of these colors provoke a sense of royalty, freedom, luxury, and serenity. Although these colors are shown throughout parts of the website, there is some inconsistency in the use of colors some opportunity for improvement. On the other hand, certain pages on the site use colors sensibly and appropriately to communicate all that Baderman Island has to offer. Instances in which color is not used to its potential can be seen on the home page, hotel reservation page, history page and transportation page. On the home page, the colors of the lobby do not mesh with the refreshing blues of the rest of the page. The photo of the lobby is too dark which causes detail to be lost. The lobby appears to be rich and beautiful but the poor levels of light fail to relay this impression. Better exposure and lighting of the lobby would greatly enhance this photo and would blend better with the colors of the page. On the hotel reservation page, the color of the sky seems unrealistic and detracts from the white building. The lighting seems to wash out some of the detail of the white building. The photo could be improved upon with a more realistic, pleasing sky. On the other hand, the photo of the hotel room is very clean, sharp and serene and seems to mesh well with the colors used in the page design. The black and white photos of the history page work well to convey a sense of times past. The images could be improved upon with betting lighting and without the grainy effect. The image of the couple on the history page uses soft colors to provoke a natural, serene mood. Although a pleasing on its own, it appears too bright when compared with the darker tones of the other two photos. A more even tone of colors among the three images would improve the look of the banner. On some areas of the Baderman Island website, there is a shift to colors that may be more attractive to a child than to an adult. The fairway tour of golf page, weather forecast and virtual tour pages use bright, playful colors that are a bit amateurish compared to the rich, elegant mature colors used in other parts of the website. These pages can be improved upon by using colors that are consistent with rest of the website that is the blues, purples and greens. This would allow the pages would flow together in a cohesive way. Several pages of the Baderman website provide good examples of colors that work well together and that use the key colors. The photos and colors of the spa page give a sense of calmness and purity. The purple butterfly, although very simple, is a nice touch and compliments the purple theme throughout the website, such as the purple text of “Baderman Island” which is on every page. On the visitor center page, the pleasant blues on the couple compliments the blue, white and green of the Meredith Visitor Center photo. The colors on this page blend well and are flattering against one another although a better background of the couple in the banner would greatly improve the page. The Use of Photographs

The Baderman Island website does not make effective use of photos throughout the...
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