Visual Effect

Topics: Ethanol, Vomiting, Alcohol Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Visual Effect
This is an advertisement that you might see in a magazine. Some advertisements catch your eyes. Some advertisements don’t, but the one that do stand out to us leave an imprint. That ad leaves a visual imprint on our brain that affects the reader mentally without the reader knowing. An effective advertisement that particular left an imprint on my mind was of a young woman dressed up, bent over throwing up party streamers of many different colors from her mouth while wearing a party hat. Confetti is all over the floor and the black noisemaker by her feet. The advertisement’s text indicates it is an ad for prevention of alcohol.

The setting of this ad is in the home. The tone of the environment, like the tan wall, the sunflower painting, and the hardwood furniture with the object on top. The tone of the girl’s clothes, the placement of body position with her bending over holding on to the wall, and the party scenery where she is secluded from other party members. The main focus of the ad is on the young woman vomiting the party streamers from her mouth. It’s a waterfall of never ending colorful paper.

The scenario the creator is portraying in the ad is of a special event party. The scenario is interesting, clever, and smart because instead of showing actually vomit, which would be horrifying for the reader to see while looking though the magazine, the creator used party streamers to illustrate someone who drank too much. The visual effect mentally sticks with the reader but also informs the reader about alcohol intake. Besides the comic relief of the ad, it is also a prevention advertisement informing the young culture the affects of drinking alcohol. The effective ad leaves an impression on the viewers of preventing themselves from being the girl in the ad throwing up. But those young adults would be throwing up actual vomit.

The advertisement is geared towards a teenage, young adult audience. This is because the woman is young and stylish....
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